Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Scrambled Thoughts XIb - Miami Style

18 - Smoky or Smokey? (smokie or smokay)

Google says smoky.  Apparently, 'smokey' used to be right, but it's now outdated.  This concerned me because I didn't really realize the spelling of specific words could become old fashioned (but of course this is true... old English texts are full of funny spellings now that I think about it).  Thankfully the spelling trends seem to last much longer than the fashion trends, though.  Otherwise my words would be just as awful as my closet.

19 - Fly Like an Eagle

This pier is a special place for us.  Many mornings were spent getting here, staying here, and getting home from here. 

Plus, we got to watch boats.  And birds.

20 - He needs gills.

It's cute the way he feels so comfortable in the water.  Really, it is.  One of the very first words he responded to was 'dunk'.
"Dunk, TK!" the kids would yell.  Sometimes there was a slight hesitation as we watched him decode the word and separate it from the other few he knew.  Okay, let's see, we saw him think to himself.  They didn't say 'clap'... or 'wave'... or 'nose'... ah! and he would slap his face down into the water and come up laughing. Dunk!  I remember!

 21 - Not many people rock giant goggles the way Miles rocks giant goggles.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with that amazing hair.  Most things have something to do with that amazing hair.

22 - Someone should write a whole post about Brian.

Because he really is amazing.  He just finished 10 years of post-graduate work, you know (not that anyone has been counting).  Every time I go to one of these work dinners I'm told by several people that he is 'remarkable', 'great', 'efficient', and 'wonderful'.  Of course, I already know this, but hearing others say it makes me feel proud all over again for the incredible guy that he is.  Years and years ago, I used to sit home and wonder what Brian was like in his clinic.  I wondered what his bedside manner was like with his patients, and how he got along with his co-workers.  Later, I wondered what 'surgeon Brian' was like as he peered through magnifying glasses with his hair in a cap and his face in a mask and his hands in their gloves holding tiny razors. I wanted to get to know this 'work self' because I craved knowing all the intricacies of his personality.  But over the years, as patients have written notes and given small gifts of appreciation to him, and as co-workers have approached me and painted their own picture of Brian in front of my eyes, I've realized that I know exactly who Brian is at work.

He's the same guy who eats at our dinner table every night.
The same one that carries the baby up to his room and tucks the kids between their sheets.
Who shares that carton of ice cream with me, and makes sure my favorite spoon is with me.
He's the same guy that loves me.  And the same guy I love.

He's Brian.  Everywhere he goes, he's Brian.
That's why it's really no surprise to me when everyone loves him.

23 - But no one loves him quite as much as we do.  And Father's Day pressures us into showing that love.

The relationship between Brian and McKenzie is flourishing right now.  In her Father's Day card, Kenzie wrote "I love my dad because he understands me when I'm sad."  This is precious to me because McKenzie has turned into quite the thinker.  She said what she meant and she meant what she said and she is 100% correct.  There have been several times when Brian has helped me understand what she might be feeling, and I love him for that.  So does she. 

They are quite similar, those two.  And since I believe that girls need strong relationships with their fathers for a whole slew of reasons, I am touched to tears by the look on her face above.  She is literally melting into his shoulder - and his tender expression shows he is melting right back.

These are four lucky kids to have a daddy like that.

24 - Two words: World Cup.

Miles enjoyed watching the games with Brian, but he had his own conditions... ear plugging must be allowed.

25 - That's Shocking.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuper glad I wasn't on that boat.

26 - Someone should write a whole post about Miles.

Because he had his 5th birthday.  He's a special one, this kid.  And his birthday was something of magic for him.  He did a lot of talking on the phone...

...and talking on the phone...

...and talking on the phone...

But since it was Sunday, we also got to go to church.  And, lucky him, our little branch held a fun dinner afterwards where everyone sang Happy Birthday.

Then we came home and had cake and candy covered marshmallows (because they're supposed to look like mushrooms, okay?  Mario...?)

The whole day he was moving way too fast for me to get a good picture of him.  Which I guess is wonderful because it means he was having a blast.

Also, I made that cake, so it was a pretty wonderful day for me as well.

In many ways Miles seems much, much older than five years old.  He is smart and opinionated and gracious and passionate.  His feelings are often very expressive and larger than life and I love that about him.  He makes our home a better place than it otherwise would have been...  Motherhood is sweet in that way, don't you think?  In the way of being touched by these remarkable personalities for a time as you house them and watch them as they refine themselves to get ready to venture out into the world beyond your walls.

I can't wait to meet the man Miles becomes.


  1. 1. Brian is terrific. It was a treat to get to hang out with him while I was in Miami. Although he scoops ice cream far too generously for an almost 50 year old. ;)

    2. GREAT lightning shot!! How on earth did you get that one?!?

    1. 1. Haha! He not only scoops generously, but he eats generously, too. :)

      2. Thanks! It was one of those storms where giant bolts were striking every 10 seconds or so, so it was easy to just set my tripod up, get the settings all right, and then just snap continuously until I got the shot I wanted. :) The trick is to get your settings so that your shutter speed can be 3-5 seconds long without blowing the exposure - that way you have a 3-5 second window to capture the bolt (and, I've found that some bolts (like the one in this post) take about 1-2 seconds to finish their show anyway... those are the ones you want to capture because they're big!) It took a few lightning storms for me to get all the settings right - so luckily I lived in a place where it was easy to practice. :)

    2. So cool. And I miss lightning like crazy.

  2. So...you know that story about my family and the "special" brownies....the "special" ingredient was a gift to my grandfather from a grateful patient:). These pictures all make me so sad I didn't make a Miami visit happen. Planning on making up for it in Las Vegas!

    1. Huh? I've got to hear this story!!

  3. The pictures in this post are beautiful!

  4. Anonymous12:03 AM

    I love looking at your pictures. They are really wonderful.