Heart Attack

I hate how the words ‘Heart Attack’ look together.  Something about all the hard consonants… the three t‘s so close together, the ck, and the rt, they have some sort of gravity that pulls my eye towards them only to pierce and cut my gaze with all those jagged edges… It makes me uncomfortable.  Whenever I type them, I start subconsciously looking for synonyms in my brain.  But I haven’t found a way around them.  Or around the fact that my 32 year old husband had one during Christmastime in 2012.

A big one.

They call it a SCAD – a spontaneous coronary artery dissection; where the main artery running down Brian’s otherwise healthy heart just spontaneously ripped and tore down the length of it, cutting the entire supply of blood.  He’s now a man with five stents, ‘old man’ heart pills, and a greater appreciation for life.  He was my Christmas Miracle that year and I pray every morning that the rest of his arteries stay strong. This is our story.

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